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Submit a video of your swing for a FREE swing analysis with Promo Code!

Submit Your Swing Video – Receive An Analysis in less than 48 hours!

Step 1

Watch THIS VIDEO for instructions on how to capture your video from the best angles for a more accurate analysis.

Step 2

Take a frontal and down-the-line video of your swing. Only one swing each angle please or your files could be too large to upload. (two videos only please) limit of 50mb per file.

Step 3

Upload your videos using the form above. (No credit card needed) You should receive your analysis within 24-48 hours complete with drills specific to your needs attached.


With a QUICK Upload of Your Swing Video, You Will Alleviate Months, Even YEARS of Frustration!

You want to get better at golf so you buy golf magazines, get on YouTube and watch the golf channel.  You even join a monthly fee service where you have access to videos of one or more big name golf instructors. Now you’re even more confused than when you started!

The answer? Quick Fix Golf. We make it easy for you to play better golf now! Quick Fix Golf will find your one key swing fault that is holding you back, offer you a solution for removing and/or reprograming your swing fault, and get you on your way to better more enjoyable golf, QUICK!

It’s as simple as recording your swing on your phone, and sending it to us!


Meet The Pros

Bobby Lopez, PGA

Voted #2 in Havana

Darren deMaille, PGA

Top 100 Teacher, US

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How To Submit Your Swing Video

Bobby Lopez covers exactly how to position the camera to record your swing. In order for best results, please use the following guidelines:

  • Record your swing down line, so we can see your full swing!
  • Only send in ONE video per analysis
  • Make sure the video is focused on your SWING and not the background

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